5 Steps for Harnessing Shadow IT

Business users are taking advantage of cloud apps to store, sync, and share content and tackle business processes from billing to HR management. While some of those apps are corporate-sanctioned, the majority are rogue.

Does Shadow IT compromise data security and compliance? Yes! Should you suss it out and shut it down, leaving users out in the cold? No way! Join Jay Lyman of 451 Research and executives from EMC Syncplicity, OneLogin and Netskope for a practical way to safely enable the cloud apps your business wants.

Key takeaways:

  • Research to help build a business case for addressing the risks, while harnessing the insights of Shadow IT
  • Five practical “must-dos” for safely enabling cloud apps
  • An actionable, staged roadmap that will help you sequence your Shadow IT strategy


Jay Lyman

Senior Analyst

Leonard Chung

Product Strategist + Co-founder

Robert Berlin

Leader, Product Marketing

Scott VanWart

Technical Lead


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